Infrastructure Crisis

Granbury's leadership failed to deliver the wastewater capacity we need to grow efficiently. As a result, their Building Moratorium stopped all new projects on the East side of town.

Our city's missteps are impacting developers and preventing our businesses and residents from building and expanding. As Mayor, I'll actively pursue the solutions to increase wastewater capacity and end this crisis.


Granbury Traffic is worse than ever because our local officials dropped the ball while our town was growing. In 2018 the 377 expansion was pulled from the Unified Transportation Project due to ineffective leadership, ultimately delaying the project's completion.

As Mayor, I'll work with TXDOT and the other transportation bodies to ensure our priorities don't fall by the wayside and make sure City Hall does everything it can to relieve our congested traffic.

Business and Economy

Opening and operating a business in town can be frustrating; It doesn't have to be. As Mayor, I'll make it easier to do business by tightening municipal processes, eliminating redundancies, and increasing communication from City Government.

Limited Government

Our government is of, by, and for The People, and limited by the Texas and US Constitutions. As Mayor, I'll do everything possible to uphold your god-given rights.


The City of Granbury must be transparent in everything it does. As Mayor, I'll ensure you have unfettered access to public information.


Our History is what makes us unique, but sadly there are people that want to see our statues torn down and our History erased. As Mayor, I will help preserve Granbury's rich History in every way possible.